Three Benefits of Studying Anthropology

Judge Megan Goldish
2 min readSep 1, 2022

Judge Megan Goldish, a current judge at the Circuit Court of Cook County in Chicago, has over 20 years of legal experience. After attending the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and graduating with honors, Judge Megan Goldish obtained a JD from the Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law. She is currently a member of the American Bar Association, Chicago Bar Association, and American Bar Fellow with a fondness for languages and cultural anthropology.

Anthropology involves studying what makes humans function and act the way they do. It shows humans have advanced and how their past has affected their present. Individuals fascinated by the human race should consider studying anthropology, as it would be a great subject to learn and advance in. Here are a few benefits of studying this course centered around the human race:

1. International benefits
Since anthropologists study humans in an international context, it allows lots of freedom to travel and explore the world. You get to live amongst humans from all facets of life after graduation and conduct research. This career path makes it possible to gain work experience while studying and provides the freedom to go on field trips.

2. Flexibility
The flexibility that anthropology offers is important because it means you can focus on a particular area that piques your interest. Anthropology comprises four major disciplines; linguistic anthropology, archaeology, sociocultural anthropology, and physical anthropology.

3. Wide range of career paths
Anthropology also gives you a wide range of career options, as graduates of this course can work in many sectors of the industry. Graduates of this course have the freedom to specialize in archaeology, paleontology, primatology, or ethnology.



Judge Megan Goldish

Circuit Court of Cook County Judge Megan Goldish